Dry Aged Beef

Special refining processes

ALPENRIND focuses on top quality in meat production and, since May 2014, on innovation: our newest product is Dry Aged Beef made from domestic Simmental cattle whose meat is characterized by fine fatty tissue. Their meat is interspersed with fine fatty tissue, which gives the top product a fine marbling. Simmental cattle are a dual-purpose breed in which milk and meat production play an equal role. This breed was already known in the Middle Ages for its large size and spots.

The nicest sirloin cuts are aged 21 days in specially designed and newly constructed aging rooms with higher humidityand a temperature of approximately two degrees on the bone. Thus, rigid protein compounds are broken down in the muscles. The result is a very high quality piece of meat with a very delicate flavor and a bold aroma. The animals have daily contact with the farmers, and we also ensure short, stress-free transport routes. This also contributes to the high quality of Dry Aged Beef.

Dry aging is a special refining process in which the meat undergoes dry aging according to the “slow food” principle – after a decades-long aging process. After the actual aging process, the beef flavor increasingly intensifies and is accompanied by a fine aging taste until eventually the perfect, original and authentic taste of perfect beef fully unfolds.

Further information is available in our folder “Dry Aged Beef”(PDF).

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