Recognized standards ensure the highest product quality

The self-monitoring system of ALPENRIND was developed according to the principles of Codex-Alimentariusand is also based on current scientific and technical knowledge of food safety. Humane animal transports and the latest technology ensure high quality and ongoing monitoring of live cattle by veterinarians and animal welfare officers. The beef is stored, processed, packaged and aged in ultra-modern refrigerators and then delivered – without interrupting the cold chain.

IFS Food guarantees the highest standards

ALPENRIND is IFS Food 6 certified (International Featured Standard). IFS is the most widely used standard in commerce in Europe and is considered the policy for assessing the quality and risk management system of store brand suppliers. It describes the select quality and hygiene criteria that ALPENRIND keeps in all processes. An independent certification body SAI Global conducts IFS certification. Specially trained staff, high technical standards and a tight corporate structure are basic conditions to preserving this high standard.

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HACCP is designed to protect consumers

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is aninternational risk management system for companies that produce, treat, process, store, transport and sell food. It aims to ensure that all factors that can cause disease in humans by consuming food are eliminated. The HACCP system has its origins in cooperation between WHO and FAO to improve health and food safety.

Strict control systems for EU bio certification

About 10% of Austrian farmers (20,000) work according to a biodynamic subsistence strategy – this figure points to Austria’s international leadership role in organic production. The guidelines of the EU organic seal are very strict: EU-wide rules for organic farming cover the entire supply chain from production to control to labeling.

AMA quality seal: quality meat from Austria

Meat awarded the AMA quality seal is certain to come from Austria, has excellent quality and is subject to rigorously independent controls at all marketing stages – from the farm to the point of sale. Each AMA meat processing at ALPENRIND is accompanied and controlled by SGS Austria Control (independent inspection body). The guidelines for the AMA quality seal program surpass the already exemplary international regulations for meat production and processing in Austria.

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Full traceability with proof of origin and processing

Each piece of meat ALPENRIND produces can be fully traced. Among other things, this is guaranteed by the standard “bos” labeling system. The quality seal was jointly developed by Agramarkt Austria (AMA) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and requires full documentation of the flow of goods. In addition to this basic marking, further certifications are possible.

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