Full proof of origin at any time

ALPENRIND ensures full traceability with proof of the origin of the meat – from delivery of the live cattle to shipping of products to a customer. A sophisticated recording and labeling system, which external control bodies continuously monitor, provides extensive information about each product and its properties at any time. This allows the beef to be traced throughout all stages of marketing and production.

The statutory minimum labeling as per the Beef Labeling Act provides the following information:

  • Country in which the animal was born, raised, slaughtered and cut
  • Approval number of slaughterhouse and cutting plant
  • Identification number (earmark) of animal

Voluntary information through the “bos®” system

With voluntary participation in the “bos®” system, ALPENRIND Salzburg can affix information to the label exceeding legal requirements. The beef labeling system of AMA Marketing GesmbH is the most important voluntary labeling system for beef and veal in Austria. The “bos®” system provides for the following additional, voluntary information:

  • Name of farmer
  • Region in the country
  • Brand and quality programs (e.g., AMA quality seal, premium beef)
  • Production method (e.g., pasture grazing)
  • Quality (e.g., age of animal, aging time)

Independent inspection bodies monitor compliance with the requirements.

More information on the „bos®“-System